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Rebecca Kate Myers

It’s amazing how some great outcomes are sparked by chance meetings - even at the Post Office! One fine September day in Georgia a pretty young lady with impish but sincere hazel-green eyes said to me: “I can sing.” I had been talking to a friend about a recording project I was already working on and she happened to be an acquaintance of one Rebecca Kate Myers who had walked over to say hello. After a few pleasantries were exchanged, I told this likable ingénue I had just met to call me if she really wanted to record. It turned out that a wonderful thing about Kate is that she can break into a song almost anywhere, including in the restaurant where we later met to discuss the possibility of doing a project. It didn’t take me (and others nearby) very long to realize that hers was a richly-textured, controlled voice. That was, however, the last time I would use the word “controlled” when referring to this particular song bird.

Kate is an individualist who knows her own mind - lives it her way - doesn’t run with the crowd - hopes you like her but won’t wait around for approval. To be sure, she would never “go to Harlem [or anywhere else] in ermine and pearls”. She might, however, be seen wearing a creation of her own as she earned her college degree in Fashion Design.

Though just in her early twenties, Kate can surprise you with her insightful knowledge of the ways of the world and her finely-tuned sensitivity to the feelings of others. She brings this sensitivity and insight to her music - for she has made the songs on this recording her music, although they are well-known selections from the great American and Brazilian Songbooks.

Oh, and about that “control” thing....Kate likes being unpredictable and independent. She is a cheerful, optimistic, idealist with a heart of gold....but don’t try to pin her down. Most at home in comfy clothes, bare feet and hair in a ponytail - she turns into a poised beauty when the mood strikes. This duality is captured in her art: compare her playful rendition of “Satin Doll” to the cool, stylish delivery of “Sophisticated Lady”. Or contrast the soulful blues of “Night Train” with the breezy lilt of “Summer Samba”.